1. Do not attend the market if you have a compromised immune system or would answer” Yes’ to any of screening question for market and staff and volunteers.
  2. Develop a daily screening policy that identifies and prevents your employees from attending the market if they display respiratory symptoms or have had contact with a person with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.
  3. Ensure that all employees have access to a mask or face covering. Masks should be worn in any space by anyone who is able to medically tolerate wearing a mask and whenever you are interacting with customers.
  4. Sanitize your market equipment and containers. Look to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Environmental Cleaning and disinfection Recommendations for guidance.
  5. Have a handwashing station (preferred) or hand sanitizer at your booth and use it often.
  6. Pre-package all items before coming to the market as applicable.
  7. Clearly and legibly post product list with prices so that customers can distance themselves from you and your booth and still see what you have to offer.
  8. Set up your booth in a way that minimizes or eliminates a customer’s ability to touch your products. For example, set up a table in front of you with a product list and a table behind you with the product. Customers can tell you what products(s) they want and you can get it for them (we are adapting this set up).
  9. Put less product out for display and restock more often.
  10. When possible, staff your booth with two people with distinct roles where one person handles the currency transaction with the customer while a second person handles the product. These two individuals should maintain their distinct roles and wash their hands if/when they switch between the task of handling currency versus handling product.
  11. Only use market table covers that can be sanitized throughout the market day such as plastic or Vinyl.
  12. Minimize cash transactions and round prices to the nearest dollar to reduce the need to exchange coins.
  13. During the market, routinely clean and disinfect “high touch” items such as tables, cash boxes and touch screens on point-of-sale devices.
  14. Train your employees on at least the following: workplace infection-control practices, the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), steps to notify their employee of any symptoms or confirmed COVID-19 cases, how to report unsafe working conditions.
  15. Other information can be found at and we will update our policies as guidelines updated.

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