Kit and Caboodle Farm

Kit & Caboodle Farm

A small family-run hobby farm in Daggett, MI. Our ladies love to fly and roam freely during the daylight hours where they are free to forage and supplemented only with certified organic grains.  The bulk of our flock being Leghorn produces large white eggs and is quite productive, giving us an egg nearly every day.  The brown eggs you’ll receive are from our Wyandotte and Australorp hens. 

As the season progresses we hope to have fresh veggies for you as well. Proudly participating in the Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market this summer most Saturdays on 1st Street in Menominee or call to arrange delivery to your door available from Escanaba, MI to Marinette, WI and the surrounding areas throughout the week   Call/Text, email and look for us on Facebook.

Thank you!


Large White  and some Brown Eggs

Possible  Farm Fresh Veggies



Call/Text 989-903-5586

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