Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market Association Giant Pumpkin Festival
Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market Association Giant Pumpkin Festival

The Giant Pumpkin Festival Annual Pie Eating Contest Rules

  1. All Contestants wishing to take part must sign up before September 15, 2023, so we have
    enough pies.
  2. All Contestants must pay the $5 entry fee and mail it in with his/her application with their name, age,
    and an interesting fact about themselves.
  3. We will have two groups competing in the Pie Eating Contest; The first group will consist of
    15 years of age and younger and the second group will consist of contestants of 16 years of age
    and older.
  4. At 12:00 PM we ask that you make your way to the Pie Eating Contest Tables to ensure you
    can hear your name as it will be called three times. After that you will miss your chance to
  5. The first group will be 15-year-old and younger, followed by the 16-year-old and older.
  6. Each contestant will be put into a chair and must sit on their hands at once. A pie will be
    placed in front of them and must wait for the Judge to say “Go!” only a contestant’s mouth may
    be used to finish the pie.
  7. Contestants may eat the entire bottom crust, however only the filling is needed to be eaten
    to win.
  8. When a contestant has finished their pie, they must stand up and shout” DONE!” A judge will
    come and decide whether the pie filling has been completed according to the rules.
  9. The Winner of each group will receive a Pie Eating Contest Trophy. There will only be one
    winner per group.
  10. Eat Fast and Have a Blast!

Application and Liability Waiver:

Please Sign and return

Download Printable Application and Liability Waiver

As a Participant of the 10th Annual Giant Pumpkin Festival Pie Eating Contest, you agree not to
hold any of the volunteers responsible for lost, damaged or stolen articles before, during or
after the event. As a participant, you also agree not to hold the Menominee Downtown
Business Association and/or the Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market and/or any of
the volunteers responsible for any accidents that should occur. No refund will be given.