1. We have Michigan and Wisconson vendors. It is the responsibility of all vendors to comply with both local and state regulations governing market sales. This includes obtaining appropriate licenses. MDARD (Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture for those from Wisconsin) requires sellers of perennial plants, meats, from both states and Wisconsin for eggs,  to have specific licenses for these products.  Producers of Honey, Maple Syrup and eggs are exempt but may need to obtain a license based on their  anticipated sales for the year.  Copies of all current licenses must be handed in prior to  the first day of sale or with application.
  2. All food products and nursery plants sold at the market must be germinated, grown, raised, or gathered in Michigan or Wisconsin by the vendor, their employee(s), or family members(s) or business partners.
  3. Each vendor is required to sign and return the vendor application and vendor regulation agreement prior to the first day of sale.
  4. All vendor applications will be reviewed by the Market Manager and/or Board of Directors, applicants will be notified within two weeks if they are accepted to sell at the Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market. We have the right to accept or deny any application.
  5. The Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market participates in a number of alternative payment programs, including a shared credit card machine, SNAP/EBT benefits, Double Up Food Bucks, Project FRESH, WISE Women, and Market FRESH. Vendors eligible to accept the above payment programs are required to submit a signed agreement prior to participation in them. Vendors will be reimbursed by the Market Manager for these sales on a daily basis.
  6. All residents of Michigan and Marinette County, Wisconsin, are eligible to be vendors. Eligibility of programs is based on residency.
    1)All may sign up to accept Debit/Credit Card Market Money.
    2)All vegetable/fruit growers may sign up to accept EBT/SNAP benefit card tokens for food items.
    3)Vegetable/fruit growers from Marinette County, Wisconsin, and Michigan may sign up to participate in the Project Fresh, Market Fresh and WISE Women programs.
    4)Marinetee County Wisconsin, and Michigan vegetable/fruit growers can participate in the Double Up Food Bucks program.
  7. All vegetable/fruit vendors are required by MDARD to prominently display a sign stating, “All produce and fruit should be washed before consumption”.
  8. No jobbers, resellers, or wholesalers are permitted to sell at the market.
  9. Non-profit organizations not related to local food production or local food accessibility may sell at the market by approval of application and that are invited by the Menominee Downtown Association for special events.
  10. Food products produced under the Michigan Cottage Food Law must conform to the regulations set forth in that legislation. All processing and packaging must be done by the vendor and have proper labeling. See the Cottage Law food list: “What Qualifies and What Doesn’t” at www.michigan.gov/mdard/cottagefoodlaw  Wisconsin Pickle law isn’t allowed to be sold in Michigan.
  11. Food samples must meet the following requirements: Prepackaged in a licensed Kitchen, proof of licensed kitchen must accompany application. Individual cups or bags must be closed, i.e., cups with lids, zip-locked bags, Press and Seal covered cups. Samples must match products being sold. The labeled product or an ingredient list must be displayed at all times. The market manager or member of the board will ask that samples not meeting these criteria be removed from display.
  12. No homemade fruit ciders or beverages of any kind are allowed to be sold. The Board of Directors has adopted the MDARD recommendation on these items.
  13. Meat can be sold but MDARD requires animals be processed in a USDA inspected facility. Poultry can be sold but processed in a USDA or MDARD inspected facility. A copy of the current MDARD license is required. All other required current licenses must also be prominently displayed. For Vendors that purchase and resell other farmers livestock and process it at a USDA inspected facility, or processed USDA/MDARD Meat, that vendor must hold a food establishment license and a copy of the USDA/MDARD license and have it on display and a copy with application.
  14. All non-food artisan products sold at the market must be created in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or Marinette County, Wisconsin by the vendor, or their family member(s) or a partnership of people all selling as one vendor. (Two separate vendors, making similar products but working independently are considered as two separate vendors). All artwork must be original. Artisan applications are required to include a description of their work accompanied by a photo. Acceptable works include: all media painting, photography, fibers, glass, jewelry, metals, wearable art, etc. No kits, imports, or resale items are permitted. A copy of the artisan’s Michigan Sales Tax License is to be displayed prominently and a copy provided to the market manager with application. See Michigan Department of Treasury Website www.michigan.gov/taxes  under Sales and Use Tax. NO fee to obtain a Sales Tax License.
  15. Each vendor must post all signs provided by the market.
  16. All vendors must set up their booth prior to the commencement of the daily market. No vehicles are allowed on the commons area (customer walkway) after 8:30 a.m. during the summer market.
  17. All vendors must conduct themselves, at all times, in a professional and respectful manner with customers and fellow vendors. All vendors agree to keep sales areas and displays clean and attractive. Appropriate dress is required; clothes must be clean and in good condition.
  18. Vendors are responsible for their own set-up and clean-up. All stands, tables, and products shall be transported to the area each market day and everything shall be removed after each market day. Materials or produce may not be left overnight. Each vendor is responsible for cleaning their own space and must remove all garbage and left-over produce.
  19. Due To Health Department Rules, dogs are not allowed inside any vendor space. Customers are to have dogs leashed and under control. Use your discretion when dealing with them. Service animals are permitted, as long as they do not pose a health or safety risk. Again use your discretion.
  20. No smoking or alcohol consumption allowed on the farmer’s market grounds or building.
  21. The Market Manager or an active board member may deny or restrict any vendor or vendor representatives access to the market for failure to follow the state and local laws or the guidelines of the Menominee Historic Downtown Farmers Market rules. Problems, complaints or concerns may be directed immediately to the Market Manager or a Board Member or our Vendor Representative. Any grievance that cannot be resolved between a vendor and the Market Manager may be submitted in writing to the Farmers Market Board for settlement before the next market day.
  22. Policy Violation:
    A. 1st offense: Initial verbal warning from Market Manager and Board of Directors.
    B. 2nd Offense: Written warning with penalty to miss next market day.
    C. 3rd Offense: Final warning with dismissal from market.

Customer Complaints: Any customer complaints received by the Market Manager or Board of Directors concerning a vendor at the market will be documented on a complaint form provided to the customer by the Market Manager. The vendor against whom the complaint was filed will receive a written copy of the complaint before the next market day.