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Payment & Fees

Fees are non-refundable for any reason. Application should also specify electrical access needs.  Application will be accepted throughout seasons. Vendor must paid in full at end of market day with their filled out daily worksheet,  and must set up in assigned area(s). We understand emergencies happen and would appreciate notification if you cannot attend the market. Fee is $10 a day. Make Check payable to MHDFM.

Vendors can set up 1 hour before markets start. All Vendors will have assigned spots and required to stay until the market ends.  Market hours are 9am – 12pm.  We understand that emergencies can happen during market. Please let market manager know so we can get you out safely and no customers are in harms way when you leave.

You must do the following before submitting an application:

Vendor Application

Download Printable Vendor Application

** Value-added refers to products with two characteristics:
The Farmers makes the foods from raw ingredients and primarily, from ingredients that the plant, grow or care for, and harvest.
They process the foods through, baking, cooking, canning, drying, fermenting, preserving, or spinning techniques (honey, maple syprup, baked goods, jams, dried fruit, wool yarn, etc.)

*** Prepared food refers to products that farm or non-farm business makes from ingredients that they primarily purchase. They made the food at the market for immediate consumption (sandwiches, brewed coffee, food trucks)